TMBC Waste Collection Update

If collection does not happen: Details of uncompleted roads/areas are on the TMBC website.  This page will be updated by 9.30am each day with updates on the previous day’s collections. Please check here after that time for the latest information and before reporting a missed collection.  Collections should happen by midday but if not, the location may have been missed, in which case there is an online reporting form available at:

Please note that the correct compostable bags must be used for the food bins. Those just labelled
‘compostable’ will do so over time but are not compatible with the fast compostability required
with food.
Residents must use a compostable bag with a “seedling” logo as outlined on the TMBC website:
You don’t have to use liners in your caddy, but if you wish to, you can use compostable liners, paper bags or
wrap the food in newspaper. You can find corn / vegetable starch compostable liners in most supermarkets or
online, which feature the seedling logo as they are 100 percent compostable.
Please do not use plastic bags.
Some bin labels are available from TMBC on request to be sent out.