A message from Spadework and their Crowd Funding Page

A message from Spadework:

With 15 days left in our “Save Spadework” Crowdfunding campaign, we are delighted to report that we are three-quarters of the way towards hitting our £10,000 target. We have been bowled over by the public’s response to the campaign, which we launched because of fears that our charity might not survive the downturn in income which we have suffered during the coronavirus pandemic.

Within 24 hours of launching the campaign we reached our initial target of £1,000, so we then raised it to £10,000, even though we knew that would be a major challenge in this difficult climate.

We are hoping that the wonderful response to the campaign will help us secure our future, so that when life returns to something like normality we will be able to welcome back our Trainees, the adults with learning and other disabilities who are the focus of everything we do. It is now five weeks since we had to tell them that they could no longer come on site to work and take part in our activities.

Every donation that we receive matters and every kind word of support that you send has an enormous impact. We are truly inspired by your comments and would like to share some of those we have received in the course of our Crowdfunding campaign:

“Spadework plays such a vital role in our community, not only for those who work there but also for residents by putting on events. We really appreciate what you do for us”

“You are a lifeline for so many young adults”

“A place that truly deserves support”

“My dad suffered brain damage after a head injury. The café at Spadework was one of the very few places that he felt comfortable to visit. He had been a lecturer in catering for many years and it gave him real pleasure to see young adults being taught waiting and cooking skills. Hope you are able to keep going”

“A great local charity giving support to a lovely group of vulnerable people”

“Hope this small amount helps”

“Each year I visit Spadework to buy my spring bedding plants. I travel from Leicestershire to visit my brother and sister in Kings Hill and I always insist on returning home with a carload. I am terribly sad to hear of your plight and I hope to be purchasing the best plants from your lovely team again very soon”

“Jenny is my best friend’s sister and absolutely loves this company. And I wouldn’t want her to not be able to go back to what she loves and enjoys”

“We love you Spadework”

If you would like to support our Crowdfunding campaign, please go to https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/emergency-funding