Blasting at Blaise Farm

You will be aware that the Quarry has announced that it is intending to apply to increase the size of the blasts used at the quarry from 10 kgs to 25 kgs. There are test blasts taking place now with the increased charge. If you feel that a blast adversely affects you and your property, it is extremely important that you not only register these blasts with the Parish Council but that you complain directly to:

Jim Wooldridge – Principle Planning Officer KCC at

Bill Bowley – Gallagher Quarry Manager at

Sarah Hohler – our County Councillor at

Rosemary Ricketts – at the Environment Agency at


The Parish Council is very concerned about potential damage to property due to the blasts; we are even more concerned, should the size of the blasts increase. It should also be considered that once Gallagher’s Quarry start work on the western side of the track, at the top of Tower Hill, it will eventually