Environmental Enhancement Plan

The channelling installation works are proceeding well, in-spite or some very unfortunate early acts of mindless vandalism and recently, the theft of several tonnes of granite setts! This has meant that all of the contractors equipment and materials has now had to be securely stored off-site and not within the convenience of the recreation ground store area!

The granite setts have been installed, with a concert strip alongside to hold then in place; this will be covered with tarmac once the road is resurfaced, at the end of the complete works. The work on the channelling has nearly reached the eastern gateway and then the contractors will finish the northern side of the road, from the recreation ground westwards. They will then commence work on the southern side, starting from the western end. The installation of the channelling on the southern side is more complex, and wider in places than three setts, so is expected to take longer. Once the channelling is complete, then work will start on the ‘junctions and verges’.

Whilst the channelling is taking place on the southern section, it is hoped that the wooden gateways at either end of the Village Green can also be installed, as this will prevent the need for further traffic management measures later.

Some villagers, who did not attend the Parish meetings, have asked how the scheme is being financed and questioned whether it is using tax payers funds! The scheme, in its entirety, is being supported and sponsored by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council, and is being funded via ‘Section 106’ funds, that have been provided by the developers of Kings Hill, to help mitigate the effects of that development on surrounding villages! As most of the traffic problems we experience are a result of the additional Kings Hill traffic, it is wholly appropriate that we benefit from these funds.