Kent Fire and Rescue Volunteers

Please find below, information relating to Volunteering for Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

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Who are we?

Kent Fire and Rescue Service Community Volunteers are people from all walks of life and all sections of the community who have an interest in helping Kent Fire and Rescue Service deliver their safety messages throughout Kent and Medway.


What we do?

 Key Tasks

•Promoting our home fire safety services in community locations, providing safety information and helping to generate referrals.

•Identifying vulnerable people, particularly in rural locations, who would benefit from our services.

•Assisting our delivery teams with their education and fire setter programmes

•Assisting our home safety visit team

•Supporting staff and partner agencies to deliver road safety messages.

•Providing a rapid response to communities that have been affected by flooding and other emergencies.

•Helping operational crews with post incident response and risk reduction activities.

•Assisting staff to support business safety

•Acting as casualties in operational training events.

•Identification of faulty fire hydrants and open water resources in rural areas.

•Gathering customer experience information


How to contact us?


If you would like to know more information about volunteering or need volunteer

support please contact Karen Grieves on 01622 692121 EXT 6672 or

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