M20 J3-5 Smart Motorway Public Information Exhibitions

Message from Highways England:

M20 Junctions 3 to 5 Smart Motorway

I am writing to let you know that in March 2018, we are planning to start work on the M20 between junction 3 near West Malling and junction 5, near Aylesford, to convert this section into a smart motorway, this includes converting the hard shoulder into a permanently running lane and introducing variable mandatory speed limits along this section of the motorway to help improve traffic flow. Smart motorways are part of the Government’s investment in motorways and major A-roads, which is seeing up to £3 billion a year invested into delivering a safe and serviceable network by 2021.

The smart motorway is being designed to smooth traffic flow, increase capacity and make journey times more reliable by using variable speed limits, new signals and signing. The work will involve the use of technology and the conversion of the hard shoulder into a permanent live lane, known as an All-Lane Running smart motorway.

The programme is scheduled to start in March 2018 and will be completed by early 2020.  You can track progress on our scheme website. The work will be carried out by Carillion Kier Joint Venture (CKJV) on our behalf.

The M20 will be affected at various times during the construction phase of the project.  During the construction phase, narrow lanes will be required to create a safe working space. Lane and full carriageway closures will also be required during the construction of the project. Full diversion routes will be clearly signed during these closures.  Specific details will be sent to you and made available to the public, before construction starts. Details will also be available on the website.

We’re holding a series of local public information exhibitions, where you can learn more about smart motorways, see our proposals for junctions 3 to 5 and ask the project team questions. There will be exhibitions at three locations over two weekends:





15:00 – 21:00

Ryarsh Village Hall

Birling Road


Kent ME19 5LS


10:00 – 17:00

Trottiscliffe Village Hall

Church Lane


Kent ME19 5EB


15:00 – 21:00

Community Hall, Capel Morris Centre

Hall Road

Royal British Legion Village


Kent ME20 7NL


10:00 – 17:00

For further information about the M20 J3-5 Smart Motorway, please visit http://roads.highways.gov.uk/projects/m20-junctions-3-to-5-smart-motorway/

If you have any questions about our proposed work, please contact us on 0300 123 5000 or email us at:  M20.J3-5Smart@highwaysengland.co.uk

Thank you in advance for your patience during our work.

Yours faithfully,

Kampandila Kaluba

Project Manager

M20 J3-5 Smart Motorway

Highways England