Offham Community Network – watch this space!

To: All Offham Groups and Societies and everyone wishing to help

Offham Community Network – watch this space!

Thanks everyone who has been in contact to ask what we as a community can do to help people in the village who might need a hand during the Coronavirus outbreak.

There is a huge interest and several of the groups and societies active in Offham have come together to establish an “Offham Community Network”. The aim is to create a network of volunteers across the village to ensure anyone who needs a bit of support at this difficult time can get it.

We know people are keen to get going but we just need to put a few things in place first of all. We are then going to email around to you all again to let you know exactly what’s happening and how you can help.

This will be followed very quickly by a flyer to everyone in the village to identify who might need a bit of support.

We will be back in contact in a matter of days – meantime, please do keep looking out for your neighbours and watch this space!


St Michael’s Parish Church

Offham Parish Council

The Offham Society

Offham Village Hall

Offham May Day

The Offham Prayer Group

Offham Open House

Offham Lunch Club

Offham Bridge Club

Offham Table Tennis Club