Offham Community Network

Offham Community Network

The Offham Community Network is now established!

The attached flyer is now going to everyone in the village to offer support in these strange times. We particularly want to know if you may be able to help.

The outbreak of Coronavirus is challenging us all in different ways. Some people may need a helping hand; others are already volunteering to provide it! The scope of the help has to be somewhat limited in order to keep everyone safe, but whether it’s help with the shopping, a prescription collected, a dog walked or just a friendly phone call to break feelings of isolation, we want to ensure there is help at hand.

As part of the phone call system, by developing a village phone tree we would like to give a regular telephone call to everyone (young and old) who would like one – just a friendly voice to say hello and check all is OK.

We want to work with volunteers across the village to ensure anyone who needs a bit of support at this difficult time can get it. Our aim is for each part of the village to have a local zone co-ordinator and several volunteers, so no-one will have too much to do.

A key role will be that of OCN Co-ordinator.  This will mainly involve communicating with and matching volunteers and residents,holding the mobile phone, viewing the emails on the designated Gmail account and reviewing the volunteer and resident register.

It would be feasible and more robust for a couple of people to share this role and the baton can be passed on after a period. We would love to hear from you if you would like to discuss this.

If you think you may have time to lend a hand in any way at all, we would love to hear from you. It would be brilliant if you could register on-line at:

If you have already contacted us to volunteer either verbally or via email it would really help the network team to keep up with the adminf you could please register online.

Alternatively, please email back to or call 07799 870632 indicating how you might like to either help or be helped with:

·         Collecting groceries or prescriptions or running errands;

  •        Dog-walking;
  •        Befriending, with phone call support (from home) for those on their own;
  •        Being an area co-ordinator who could organise one of the zones;
  •        Helping with leaflet deliveries.

    To ensure compliance with safeguarding, GDPR and insurance issues, St Michael’s Church’s Parochial Church Council have agreed to put this work under their name, their insurance, GDPR and safeguarding policies. It would simply take too long to try and set-up from scratch! However, we want the Offham Community Network to be “owned” by every Offham group or society and all supporting groups are listed (and we are happy to welcome even more).

    Finally, a quick word of reassurance that no-one will contact residents if they don’t want it. Also, everyone who wants to help will get an induction.

    I hope you may be able to help in these challenging times and look forward to hearing from you by the end of Tuesday if at all possible – we know people may already be in need of some help.

    St Michael & All Angels’ Parish Church

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Keep safe and keep in contact

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