Listed Buildings in Offham

The Oasthouse, Aldon Lane (II)

Aldon Farmhouse (II)

The Old Rectory, Aldon Lane (II)

Hodges Place, Church Road (II)

Church Farmhouse, Church Road (II*)

Wall at Church Rectory, Aldon Road (II)

St Michael’s Church (I)

Various tombs at St Michael’s Church (II)

Comp Farmhouse, Comp Lane (II)

Little Comp Farmhouse, Comp Lane (II)

Nos 1 & 2 Walnut Tree Cottages, North Meadow (II)

Yew Tree Cottage, North Meadow (II)

No 146 (The Boarded Cottage), Seven Mile Lane (II)

King’s Arm Public House (II)

Comp Corner Cottage, Seven Mile Lane (II)

The Village Pound (II)

The Quintain (II)

Quintain House (II*) – includes New Quintain

Wall bordering Quintain House (II)

Nos 1,2,3 and 4 Swan Cottages (II)

The Roundels, Teston Rd (II)

The Old Forge, Teston Rd (II)

The Manor House, Teston Rd (II)

Wall to garden of the Manor House (II)

Teston Cottage, Teston Road (II)

Morphews Oast (II)

Postern House, Tower Hill (II)

Offham House & railings, Tower Hill (II)

Kingscott, Tower Hill (II)

(Information supplied by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, March 2003)


Trees in Offham with Preservation Orders

12-12-01 Church Road, Offham
12-12-02 Adj. to Church Road and North Meadow
12-12-03 Offham Village (General)
12-12-04 Adj. The Rectory, Church Road
12-12-05 Aldon Lane, Offham now 12-01-05 Aldon Lane, Addington
12-12-06 Lark Rise, North Meadow, Offham
12-12-07 Church Farm, Offham
12-12-08 Offham No 1 1994 – Mount Offham, Teston Road, Offham
12-12-09 Offham No 1 1995 – Part of Moorlands Wood, Offham – Superseded by 12-12-10
 12-12-10 Offham No 1 1996 – Part of Moorlands Wood, Offham – Supersedes

12?12-09.  Not confirmed.
 12-12-11 Offham No 1 1998 – Kentfield House, Tower Hill, Offham


Information supplied by TMBC, Sept 2005